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You don’t see the world as it is, you see the world as you are.

It is foolish to think you can destroy a habit in one year that took you 30+ years to develop. Give it time. Trust in the process.




The Blueprint of How Seminar, a flagship seminar is an intensive, immersive and intimate experience where the principles, strategies and techniques of discovering and developing purpose are achieved through consciousness engineering, vision development and wealth creation.
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Book Studies

Teachings, philosophies and experiences from renowned books are studied for the transmutation desired of one’s life in business, finance, health, relationships and spirituality.
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An unravelling and in-depth excavation of the core areas of life to productively and optimally deploy and understand innately one’s core intangibles.
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Media Inquires

Media Inquiries

For general inquiry, cooperate booking, individual coaching, information on programs and seminars etc.
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Those who dare need only one quality... COURAGE. Courage to refuse limitations; Courage to think.

About The Discovery Centre

Mfon Ekpo is the Executive Director of The Discovery Centre, a training organization that specializes in leadership, governance, personal and organizational development. Being a social enterprise with keen interest in education, women empowerment and social impact, 

The Discovery Centre employs innovative research, curricula, and technology in developing world-class programs for target demographics and market segments in view of global challenges in local contexts.

To Be Your Very Best Self, You Need To…


A diamond remains a rut until discovered. Your ability to achieve what you truly desire starts from a phase of discovery. This is an important step in turning your dream to reality is to discover, who you are, where you are, what thoughts have formed you and what you want.


Potential increases in value when developed. The consciousness of who you are and what you want has to lead you to develop yourself, your skills, your strengths. 


The universe rewards those who are in the business of being their highest self. The phase of deployment requires you to take who you are to the world and engage with it.

Every great idea and dream must first be established with you and in you before it’s established in the world.


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Ah! Oh no! Oluwa oh... I can see the LIGHT! I will never joke with my frequency and vibrations! AND then... It's official coach! YOU WILL BE COACHING my kids. My people will talk to your people. If you want us to have family retreats in the Bahamas...Just say it. it's happening. My kids must hear their Grand Coach. Today you showed me how to complete the teaching of sex and abstinence to my KIDS. This teaching is so good! The beautiful thing is that my kids will also teach their own kids... a generation transformed!
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Last year I saw your post on 2020 list (first time seeing the list) and I thought these women are awesome but they were taught. Someone took the chance and the time and taught them something they never knew. A state of being they never existed but absolutely possible. It's not about making a wonderful list, it's everything to do with finding a fuller expansion and expression that puts you on a list. Long story short Mfon Ekpo imela for helping me up when I fell down, thank you for patting my back when I ran fast and lost my breath... The journey continues. THANK YOU.
Chude Jideonwo
Chude Jideonwo@chudeity
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I am deeply thankful for my friend, Mfon and her limitless gift of granting others freedom. I am grateful for the waterfront of my new home. I am grate for the space to reflect and grow.