S.Y.N.T.A.X is The Discovery Centre’s Elite MASTERMIND GROUP which is a carefully and intentionally curated Mastermind Group that consists of experts, influencers and humans in perfect alignment and harmony towards the attainment of definite purpose(s).

In S.Y.N.T.A.X, we will create a tribe with depth and a support system such as you may not have experienced before – all synced in harmony against distractions which cause us to focus on the mundane and our inadequacies. Together we will set targets, meet set targets, push ourselves, become more and achieve more individually than previously imagined or attempted.

This group will meet once every month for a 12-month period and will be structured along four (4) core pillars: MINDSET, MASTERY, MONEY and MEANING.

We expect that during the program and by the end of the 12 month period, you will have;

  • Formed long lasting bonds with like-minded individuals.
  • Achieved results that were seemingly outside your scope of achievement.
  • Created a positive synergy between your thoughts, actions, and results.
  • Understand how to replicate your success models over and again.

The fee for this program is $25,000

If you are not able to pay the whole fee one-time, then you are required to pay 60% ($15,000) of the fee upfront to validate your registration.

If you have any inquiries, please send a mail to business@thediscoverycentre.com and your inquiries will be answered within 48 hours.

If this program does not suit you and/or you still require Personal Coaching…

SEND MAIL TO: info@thediscoverycentre.com